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Allan Robin
Owner, President and CEO-Started the company with $50.00 and sold jewelry out of his car trunk 42 years ago.

Accounts Receivable Manager. Has been with the company for almost 37 years.

Courtney Lynne
Head Of The Graphic Arts Department. He has been with the company 8 years.

Jonathan Louis
Head Graphics Web Designer, has been with the company 6 years

Erin Elizabeth
Senior Editor, has been with the company 6 years.

Cindy Donnelly
Office Manager, has been with the company 7 years.

Judy Kaye
Operations Manager, has been with the company 6 years.

Kay Hilton
Customer Service Manager, has been with the company 7 years.

Unlike the story of many E-Commerce sites, Costume Jewelry traces its roots to an earlier time before the Digital Age changed our lives. Long before the computer, the Internet, and even before cell phones, Allan Robin, our founder and still CEO of the company started, our parent company in 1967 with only $50.00. He started going door to door to retail stores selling jewelry out of his car trunk. His first expansion was from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment with the extra bedroom used for an office and storage space. It took him two years with his partner, his wife, to build the business to a point where they needed additional office and storage space. We move into a 1,000 square foot space in an office building. Six months later a fire from a copy machine in an insurance company office down the hall destroyed everything. With nothing more than determination, the desire to have food on the table, and a roof over their head he started over again.

Over the past 42+ years Allan has made us into a fashion leader and has been a marketing innovator in the Fashion & Costume Jewelry Industry. We have sold to stores such as Neiman Marcus, Sak’s Fifth Ave, Marshall Field, Dillard’s, Nordstrom’s, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, The Bay Canada, and hundreds of small women’s fashion boutiques from coast to coast . In working with the owners, buyers, advertising departments, and merchandise managers of these large and small stores for 40 years we gained the knowledge that we have today. We are the only Online Web Site that can say we have sold to these “ Fashion Icon Stores ”.

This knowledge and experience brings the precious and priceless perspective of, knowing what the final end using consumer wants and what will motivate them to BUY! You are able to buy anything you see on our web site and have the confidence that it can and will be sold. It is the backround, experience, and knowledge of Allan, who chooses or designs the jewelry that is presented to you on our web site.

The same is true of jewelry on other web sites, or jewelry lines presented to you in your store, or jewelery companies showing at a trade show. Do these companies have the management or employees that have the backround, the experience, the knowledge of what the consumer wants? Because you are going to choose from their selection! How good were, or are they? Can you have complete confidence in their choices of designs and styles that they will sell to your customers? Or will they sit on your shelves?

These factors is what makes our web site and manufacturing company, more valuable to you, our customer, than any other wholesale web site on the internet or jewelry wholesale company not on the internet!

In addition, Allan has spent over 42 years advising and inspiring thousands of people on how to start, build, and maintain their wholesale business, retail stores, home party businesses, booth retail locations, and web site businesses. A man with boundless energy and enthusiasm, he has guided into the International Markets to selling large & small wholesale distributors and department stores in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

3 years ago Allan at the age of 65 decided he was unhappy and not satisfied with the jewelry designs that came out of China, India, and Vietnam. They were not an American look, or a European look. The materials that were used in the designs were used because they were cheap, not because it fit the design. One area he was concerned about was the designs of religious inspirational jewelry. America has a majority Judeo-Christian population. He could not understand how people who believed in Buddhism, Taoism, Confuciusism, and Hinduism could produce meaningful Christian or Jewish Jewelry. In addition they did not have Cheerleaders, Rodeos, Cowgirls, Red Hat Societies, or School Mascots in China, India, or Vietnam. So in addition to his other responsibilities and duties as President and CEO, he started creating most of the new designs and styles of the new jewelry put on our web site. Designs that come from "American Creativity".

Last year he started having jewelry made in the United States, and you can now see that jewelry, "MADE IN AMERICA" on the website that has appealing American and European aesthetics in its designs.

Besides Fashion, we have the largest selection of Inspirational Christian Jewelry, Awareness Jewelry, Sports Jewelry, School Paw/ Mascot Jewelry, Bridal/ After Five/ Prom Jewelry, Gymnastic Jewelry, Non Religious Awe Inspiring Motivational Jewelry, Cowgirl , Rodeo, and Western Jewelry, Cheerleader, Drill, Dance Jewelry, and Red Hat Jewelry on the internet.

Allan's design creativity also shines in the Awareness Jewelry (Breast Cancer, Women’s Heart Disease, Aids, Domestic Violence, and Animal Abuse etc.), Christian Inspirational Jewelry, Sports Jewelry, Cheerleader, & School Mascot Jewelry areas. These successful & appealing designs all have helped to raise enormous amounts of money in fundraising efforts for thousands of organizations, hospitals, medical centers, schools, military organizations, & churches.

Allan's designs bring together the creative flair of “42+ years experience” of fashion buying, international travel, research and knowledge, fashion design, and the continuous study of what the consumer is looking for, and wants in fashion jewelry. His talents promise and deliver a variety of unique looks sure to catch the eye and sophisticated taste of today's consumer worldwide. The captivation of international wholesalers, distributors, and retail stores is confirmation of how saleable his jewelry designs that are on our website.

You can see the latest in Allan's design aesthetics and trends, from the glamorous to the classical on our web site now. We add 80 -100 new styles every week.

We manufacture customized designs exclusively for businesses, stores, catalogue houses, importers, exporters, distributors, charitable organizations, and promotional companies. Of course this jewelry is not seen on our web site since it is exclusively theirs.

An additional difference between us and others on the internet is our impressive 9,000 styles of jewelry on our website. Our team has the ability to package and ship 95% of all items seen on our web site in 12 to 36 hours from the receipt of most orders.

All of our management and employees speak English. We also have bilingual employees who speak Spanish. For those who write and speak in other languages, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have people and resources to help with communication. Those pictured above have been with Allan and the company from 6 to 38 years. They have contributed enormously to the success of the company. Most general questions are answered in “Our Frequently Asked Questions” box on our Home Page below this.

The executive offices, fashion design department, order processing, shipping facilities, and the company’s 4 separate corporate divisions are located in an ultra modern 2 story facility in Houston, Texas, USA. The graphic arts, website development, and photography department are the occupiers of the second floor. Additional office and warehouse space was recently acquired which makes the physical facilities 3 times larger than they were. With the assistance of the United Parcel Services’ (UPS) management and software engineers, our management upgraded and redesigned our order processing, shipping and receiving departments with additional systems, technology, equipment, and up to date software. Because of the availability of additional space a new large Factory Fashion Showroom was also added.

All of the above make up the differences between our web site, and Google’s list of the other 2,770,000 Wholesale Costume Jewelry Companies on the internet.

We thank you for reading our story and look forward to developing a business relationship with you. Please call us if you have any questions, US 1-800-961-2463, International 713-444-0519.